The world of finance can be bewildering. That’s why founder and director of Bushido Finance, Cameron Wright, developed his specialty in assisting business owners to structure and set up their various finance facilities, from home loans right through to specialised trade finance and everything in between.

Due to a variety of reasons a business owner may present with challenging finance requirements – it could be the bold ambitions of the owner or recent temporary setbacks due to unforeseen circumstances, whatever the reason – finance requirements for business owners are often difficult to place. That’s where we become your partner.

Bushido Finance takes the time to listen and understand what you have achieved and what the next steps are. We then expertly put together and present your application to the lender of your choice, offering compelling reasons for approval.

So reach out to us, we are down to earth, practical and fiercely competitive to get the result you need.

Bushido Finance Offers Outstanding Finance Solutions for the Self-Employed

Restructuring Business and Personal Debts

To get back in control of your cash flow, let’s look at your financial obligations.

Short Term Business Finance

You need to move quickly. You don’t have time to deal with onerous bank policies or slow processes.

Purchase Finance

Finance for any worthwhile asset purchase, from a residential and commercial property, to motor vehicles and business equipment,


Australia is one of the most competitive mortgage loan markets in the world.

Credit Advice

Credit advice means understanding your borrowing options as you contemplate your next move with your business and personal finances.

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