Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Bushido Finance?

At Bushido Finance we are committed to achieving success for our clients. That can be sharing our extensive knowledge of the most suitable financial products for your particular needs, providing precise steps for you to increase your wealth, or thinking outside the box to get you out of a difficult financial situation. 

Founder and director of Bushido Finance, Cameron Wright, has been a finance broker since 2003. During his career he has developed a speciality in assisting business owners to structure and set up their various finance facilities.

Due to a variety of reasons a business owner may present with challenging finance requirements – it could be the bold ambitions of the owner or recent temporary setbacks due to unforeseen circumstances, whatever the reason – finance requirements for business owners are often difficult to place. That’s where we become your partner.

We take the time to listen and understand what you have achieved so far and what the next steps are. We then expertly put together and present your application to the lender of your choice, offering compelling reasons for approval.

In this process we actively work hand in hand with your business advisors such as accountants, lawyers and other industry professionals to achieve the best possible outcome in alignment with your various strategies.

So reach out to us, we are down to earth, practical and fiercely competitive to get the result you need.

Why should I restructure my business finance?

Most business owners in their growth phase experience a cash intensive time, yet they need to seek out finance to grow their capital. During the early stages of growth it is difficult to convince traditional banks of the merits of an application – non-bank lenders become the only option at higher rates and on short terms. Once growth is achieved and sustainability established, the business owner seeks to preserve cash flow and establish profitability at a level suited to them. At this juncture it becomes crucial to reduce high interest rates on borrowings and reset them for longer, more sustainable terms.

A business owner with a solid application may approach a bank directly for business finance and gain approval. However the bank manager is very good at setting terms that suit the lender, but are not necessarily in the best interests of the business owner. A business may get tied up with unexpectedly high repayment schedules, charges over the entire company, its assets and that of the owners. Now, there is a lot at stake for the business owner when they receive their regular bank reviews, and those clauses in the loan contract that didn’t appear to be a problem, are suddenly looming ones.

 At Bushido Finance we explain all the risks of contractual small print when we discuss your options with you. We then set up a loan facility to the advantage of you, the business owner. We are brokers on your side.

What do you charge for your services?

In most straight forward bank or major lender applications we do not charge a fee to you, our client. Rather we are paid a commission from the lender of your choice, for introducing a settled loan.

This commission is paid out of the lender’s operating budget, and is not a fee added to your loan disbursement. It’s rather like the bank paying staff and branch costs, but in this case they pay the mortgage broker for processing your loan application. From the bank’s point of view both channels of business, branch and broker, incur similar costs.

We disclose all commissions received by us in a Credit Proposal and Disclosure report provided to you, along with any conflicts of interests that could cause us to recommend a lender over another more suitable option, before we submit any application on your behalf.

There are instances when an application requires considerably more work and is difficult to place. In these instances, we may charge an additional brokerage fee. This fee is always disclosed upfront in a Credit Quote or Brokerage Mandate document that must be agreed upon and signed by you, before we submit an application. We will advise upfront if your application is likely to incur a brokerage fee.

How do I know that the lender recommended is right for me?

For all personal and investment loans, we are required by law to recommend the top 3 lender products we have available, and that are not unsuitable for your requirements.

We will discuss with you policy and service level considerations that may mean one particular lender is preferable over another.

Regardless it is in our interests to source and present the most competitive loan products to meet your requirements, due to the competitive environment in which we operate. At any time if you’d like to know more about a particular lender and their products, we will compare that lender with our recommendations, for your peace of mind.

What does ‘Bushido’ mean?

Bushido is for the highest benefit for all – imbued with all the qualities of sincerity, loyalty, calmness, fairness, and propriety within a disciplined warrior code designed to defend justice and societal wellbeing.

The Samurai, who followed the chivalrous code of Bushido, aspired to exemplify such qualities protecting the citizens against threat of external forces, while observing fairness and disciplined respect for the revered social structures that supported harmony. It is therefore no surprise the Samurai were held in such high regard in medieval Japan.

Bushido Finance aspires to the same ideals in finance. From debt consolidation to home loans to short-term business finance, we are brokers on your side.

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