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Restructuring Business and
Personal Debts

To get back in control of your cash flow, let’s look at your financial obligations.
Firstly how a loan secured can have a significant impact on your business viability, asset protection strategies and flexibility you have to take advantage of opportunities as they arise. Bushido Finance will structure your debt to give you control.

Different repayment terms across all loan facilities can be confusing, hard to manage and often unsustainable. This can lead to increased costs and fees that can catch a borrower unaware, exacerbating a difficult financial position. Bushido Finance will do all the organising to consolidate your debts in an easy to manage structure, so you can breathe easier, take a break, and take control. Now that’s better.

Short Term
Business Finance

You need to move quickly. You don’t have time to deal with onerous bank policies or slow processes. Short term business finance allows you can take advantage of an opportunity, or avoid a disaster. Loans can be secured by assets or unsecured, over a term of 3 months to 2 years.

Bushido Finance gets the funding you need now, and importantly assists you with an exit strategy to avoid ongoing high costs. After all we are your finance broking partner for the long term, not just for a one off transaction that can leave you stranded.

Purchase Finance

Finance for any worthwhile asset purchase, from residential and commercial property, to motor vehicles and business equipment, we have access to over 50 lenders from the larger banks to smaller niche lenders that can cater for unique requirements.

Through researching your requirements aligned with lender policies, we confidently present lender options and loan structures to purchase the next asset in your life or business cycle. Bushido Finance then takes care of the application process.

You can rest easy while we will provide you with regular updates on the success of your application.


Australia is one of the most competitive mortgage loan markets in the world. Lenders are always competing for new clients offering a variety of incentives ranging from cash back, reduced fixed rates, life of the loan rate discounts and fee waivers. You may even qualify for a stack of frequent flyer points.

Therefore as your broker partner, Bushido Finance schedules regular reviews and ensures you are always on top of the game.

Credit Advice

Credit advice means understanding your borrowing options as you contemplate your next move with your business and personal finances.

Bushido Finance offers a no obligation consultation to understand your situation and goals, and advise on likelihood of obtaining agreeable finance terms with appropriate lenders.

Before you make your next move, speak with finance brokers on your side, Bushido Finance.