The Bushido Podcast

We discuss the principles of Bushido used in the real life tales of business heroism.

About Bushido Finance

Bushido is for the highest benefit for all – imbued with all the qualities of sincerity, loyalty, calmness, fairness, and propriety within a disciplined warrior code designed to defend justice and societal wellbeing.

The Samurai, who followed the chivalrous code of Bushido, aspired to exemplify such qualities protecting the citizens against threat of external forces, while observing fairness and disciplined respect for the revered social structures that supported harmony. It is therefore no surprise the Samurai were held in such high regard in medieval Japan.

Bushido Finance aspires to the same ideals in finance. From debt consolidation to home loans to short-term business finance, we are brokers on your side.

Meet The Host & Finance Expert

Cameron Wright

Cameron Wright

Cameron has a passion for assisting his clients secure outstanding finance solutions.  Whether you have difficult to place finance requirements or you need the sharpest deal on offer, Cameron presents loan products, structured professionally that lead to superior outcomes with an ease that builds confidence over time.  He is your finance broker on your side. 

Cameron has a Bachelor of Business from Griffith University along with a Diploma of Mortgage Lending and is a member of the Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA).  Since 2003 his career has focused on small to medium size business owners and property investors.  Always approachable, he is delighted to discuss what options you may not know you had.